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Blast Cleaning Directory


Anytime Ice Company

Control Temp Packaging






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Grant Hagberg Company


Courier Express


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Businesses of all kinds are discovering that communicating with their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is now possible with even a simple web site. A more complete web site can bring new contacts, new customers, and additional sales - including on line orders.

We offer the "bread and butter" basic web sites that immediately communicate to customers needs without flashing distractions.

The internet search engines are good at offering replies to customers looking for various products. Make sure that your company has a chance at their business with a web site that will be listed near the top. Dry Ice Web can help you get there.

The more customers learn from your internet site, the more they will use your business and the more they will be ready to ask meaningful questions when they initiate contact.

Don't loose sales to competitors with a superior web site!

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Thanks Ken, buy the way,  leads from your site have developed into 2 distributorships for me, one in Shanghai and another in Moscow. I am shipping a blast cleaning unit to Moscow Monday. It is the first of many for this company, as they are the largest printing business in Russia. You can use me for a business reference anytime. Keep up the excellent work! 

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